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"Cavity Pressure Acceleration – latest results", dr Tomasz Chodukowski, IFPiLM

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The work presents results of research on Cavity Pressure Acceleration (CPA), a scheme of dense macroparticle acceleration with use of pressure of laser-induced plasma. In the recent experimental sessions at Prague Asterix Laser System (PALS, Czech Republic) we used targets equipped with cavities lined with deuterated polyethylene (CD2) foils and powder, irradiated by a focused laser beam. The scheme has been proved to be very efficient in converting of laser energy into high-energy products of interaction (macroparticles, protons).

The research has been carried out with a series of diagnostics covering measurements of neutron and ions emission and visualization of plasma expansion with 3-frame interferometry.

The results seem to be very promising in delivering highly energetic particles for researches related to Fast Ignition or proton-boron schemes.

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Research projects carried out at the IPPLM are funded by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, the National Science Centre and by the European Commission within the framework of EUROfusion Consortium under grant agreement No 633053. Financial support comes also from the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Space Agency and LaserLab Consortium as well as from the Fusion for Energy Agency.

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