3rd and final RCM of the of CRP on Investigations on Materials under High Repetion and Intense Fusion Pulses. Vienna, Austria. 11-16.01.2016
• M. Paduch: “Application of the PF-6 Device in the Radiation Material Sciences for the goals of lnertial Fusion beyond ignition and for Additional Spin off Applications". (oral)

Working day on Electromagnetic Pulse. Bordeaux, France. 10-12.03.2016
• P. Rączka: „Methods of analysis of the EMP signal observed at high intensity laser facilities”. (oral)

EUROfusion Joint Working Session of WPJET1/ WPJET2/ WPMST1/ WPPFC/ WPCD on integrated plasma-wall modelling. Lisbon, Portugal, 08-11.03. 2016
• R. Zagórski: “COREDIV modelling (radiative scenarios)”. (oral)

15th Stellarator-Heliotron Coordinated Working Group Meeting. Greifswald, Germany. 20-24.03.2016
• M. Kubkowska: “Commissioning of the Pulse Height Analysis System for W7-X”. (oral)
• G. Pełka; (uczestnictwo, bez prezentacji)

International Conference on Radioanalitical and Nuclear Chemistry.  Budapest, Hungary. 10-15.04.2016
• S. Jednoróg: “Examination of mainstream Fusion device by means of nanosecond neutron pulse of Dense Plasma Focus PF-6”. (poster)
• S. Jednoróg: “Occupational monitor of radiation hazard during nuclear fusion researches”. (invited talk)

WEST planning meeting. France. 17-21.04.2016
• R. Zagórsiki. (uczestnictwo, bez prezentacji)

Direct Drive and Fast Ignition Workshop. Bordeaux, France. 25-27.04.2017
• P. Rączka: “Ion stopping in conditions typical of ion fast ignition with the partial degeneracy effects taken into account”. (oral)

ToIFE Meeting. LULI Palaiseau, France. 21-22.04.2016
• P. Raczka: „Mid-Term Report on studies of p-B fusion”. (oral)

Space Propulsion 2016. Rome, Italy. 02-06.05.2016
• J. Kurzyna et al.: “Testing KLIMT prototypes at IPPLM and ESA Propulsion Laboratories”. (oral)

W7-X Workshop. Wendelstein, Germany. 22.05-27.05.2016
• Czarnecka, M. Kubkowska et al.: “Preliminary PHA results from OP1.1 on Wendelstein 7-X”. (poster)

22nd International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices. Rome, Włochy. 30.05-04.06.2016
• P. Chmielewski “TECXY simulations of divertor power spreading by impurities seeding in DEMO”. (poster)
• K. Gałązka: “Numerical Simulations of Liquid Metal Divertor Concepts for DEMO Reactor”. (poster)
• I.Ivanova-Stanik: “COREDIV modeling of krypton seeding at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak”. (poster)
• R. Zagórski: “Evaluation of the power and particle exhaust performance of various divertor concepts for DEMO”. (invited talk)

FISPACT-II, Inventory Simulation Platform for Nuclear Observables and Materials Science Training Course, OECD/NEA. Paris, France. 31.05-02.06.2016
• E. Łaszyńska. (szkolenie, bez prezentacji)

XXXVIII-th Wilga Symposium. Poland. 30.05 - 06.06.2016
• M. Kubkowska: “Commissioning of the Pulse Height Analysis System for the W7-X”. (oral)
• Ewa Kowalska-Strzęciwilk: “Technological aspect of gem detector, design and assembling for WEST application”. (oral)
• K. Malinowski: “Simulations of the GEM detector parameters”. (oral)
• M. Chernyshova: “GEM detectors operation in harsh radiaton environment”. (oral)
• T. Czarski: “Algorithms development for the GEM based detection system”. (oral)

2016 High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Meeting. Medison, USA. 04-11.06.2016
• M. Chernyshova: “GEM-based SXR plasma diagnostics development: preliminary tests at ASDEX Upgrade”. (poster)
• T. Czarski: “The cluster charge identification in the GEM detector for fusion plasma imaging by soft X-ray diagnostics”. (poster)

43nd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics. Leuven, Belgium. 4-8.06.2016
• T. Pisarczyk, A. Zaraś-Szydłowska, T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, M. Rosiński, S. Borodziuk, et al.: “Comprehensive investigation of laser energy transport to a massive planar targets with using the femtosecond polaro-interferometry”. (poster)
• S. Borodziuk, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, A. Kasperczuk, et al.: “Non-classic efficient cavity pressure acceleration method applied to obtain very fast and dense macroparticles”. (poster)
• T. Pisarczyk, M. Rosiński, et al.: “Production of multi-MeV proton beams from a thin solid hydrogen target”. (poster)
• T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, T. Pisarczyk, et al.: “Magnetic field generation from capacitor coil targets using kJ-ns class, lasers”. (poster)

13th KUDOWA Summer School “Towards Fusion Energy”. Kudowa Zdrój, Poland. 13–17.06.2016
• P. Chmielewski: “Numerical simulations of the target heat load reduction”. (oral)
• K. Gałązka: ”Seeding towards maximum radiative power exhaust in tokamaks modelled by COREDIV code”. (oral)
• Ivanova-Stanik: “COREDIV modelling of JET ILW with different impurity seeding: nitrogen, neon, argon and krypton”. (oral)
• M. Poradziński: “A liquid divertor modelling for DEMO”. (oral)
• G. Pełka: “Early findif results for OP 1.1 W-7X configuration”. (oral)
• T. Fornal: ”Commissioning and first operation of a pulse-height analysis diagnostic on W 7-X”. (oral)
• E. Łaszyńska: “A new concept of fusion neutron monitoring for PF-1000 device”. (oral)
• W. Stępniewski: “Free point method for Z-PINCH simulations”. (oral)
• Szelecka: “Hall effect thrusters”. (oral)
• M. Szulkowska: “Specification of liquid micro pulsed plasma thrusters”. (oral)

53nd Culham Plasma Physics Summer School. Culham, G.B. 17-29.07.2016.
• M. Poradziński, P. Potrykus: (szkolenie, bez prezentacji)

Workshop on project KLIMT - ESA/PECS. Noordwijk, The Nederlands. 17-18.08.2016
• J. Kurzyna: “KLIMT - Krypton Large IMpulse Thruster - Final Project Report”. (oral)

SOFT-2016: 29th Symposium on Fusion Energy and Technology. Praga, Czechy. 04-09.09.2016
• T. Fornal: „Conceptual design of the multi-foil system for the stellarator W7-X”. (poster)
• N. Krawczyk: „Commissioning and first operation of the pulse-height analysis diagnostic on Wendelstein 7-X stellarator”. (poster)
• T. Czarski: „Coinciding signals estimation for high flux radiation in GEM detector for fusion plasma imaging”. (poster)
• M. Chernyshova: „Development of GEM detector for tokamak SXR tomography system: preliminary laboratory tests”. (poster)
• M. Poradzyński: “Operation Space for DEMO in Presence of a Tin Divertor”, (poster)
• A.Zaraś-szydłowska: Laser-driven accelerator of intense plasma beams for materials research. (poster)

ITER Scientific Fellows Workshop. Complementary research. Niems, France.  04-07.09.2016
• Ivanova-Stanik: “Experience connected to ITER”.  (poster)
• R. Zagórski (uczestnictwo, bez prezentacji)

International School of Nuclear Physics, 38th Course Nuclear matter under extreme conditions - Relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Erice-Sicily, Italy. 16-24.09.2016
• A.Zaraś-Szydłowska: “Laser-driven generation of protons from thin foil targets irradiated by a fs laser pulse”

Conference and Scholl on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Kharkov, Ukraine. 11-16.09.2016
• G. Pełka: “FINFIF code: “Temperature distributions solutions for limiter Wendelstein W7-X construction”. (poster)
• A.Zaraś-Szydłowska:  “Laser accelerator of  plasma beams for plasma-wall interaction research”. (poster)

Sympozjum Techniki Laserowej 2016. Jastarnia, Polska. 26-31.09. 2016
• J. Badziak: „Laserowe akceleratory jonów”. (oral)

34-th European Conf. on Laser Interaction with Matter (ECLIM 2016). Moscow, Russia.  18-23.09.2016
• J. Domański: “Generation of proton beams from two-species targets irradiated by a femtosecond laser pulse of ultra-relativistic intensity”. (poster)
• M. Rosiński: “Ion and proton emission from target of different thickness irradiation by femtosecound laser pulses”. (poster)
• T. Chodukowski, T. Pisarczyk, Z. Kalinowska, A. Zaraś-Szydłowska, S. Borodziuk, et al.: “Investigation of laser energy transport to a massive planar targets for different irradiation conditions by the polaro-interferometric method”. (poster)
• Z. Kalinowska, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, M. Rosiński, et al.: “Interferometric investigations of space-time protons density distributions in the ablative plasma generated during interaction of laser beam with a hydrogen ice target”. (poster)

25th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference. Kyoto, Japan. 15-28.10.2016
• R. Zagórski: “Numerical analyses of baseline JT-60SA design concepts with the COREDIV code”. (poster)

4th IAEA DEMO Programme Workshop. Karlsruhe, Niemcy. 14-19.11.2016
• Ivanova-Stanik. “COREDIV modelling of DEMO scenarios with Xenon seeding”. (poster)
• R. Zagórski: “Liquid metal divertor concepts for DEMO”. (poster)

EU SOLPS-ITER training session. Garching, Germany. 20-26.11.2016
• P. Chmielewski (szkolenie, bez prezentacji)

Modelling Meeting "Preparation of JT-60SA exploitation", Culham Center for Fusion Energy, UK . 30.11 -2.12. 2016
• K. Gałązka: “W Divertor/SOL modelling with COREDIV”. (poster)
• W. Stepniewski

Research Coordination Meeting (RCM) - FOCI project. Vienna, Austria. 21-26.11.2016
• R. Miklaszewski:  "Conceptual Development of a Compact Neutron Source Based on Plasma-Focus". (oral)

European Fusion Programme Workshop 2016. Zakopane. 27-31.11.2016
• A. Czarnecka, I. Ivanova-Stanik, R. Zagórski. (bez prezentacji, uczestnictwo)


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