International Seminar on Actual Problems of Plasma Physics, Kharkov, Ukraine, 16-17.01.2013

  • M. Sadowski, et al., Passive Corpuscular Diagnostics of Charged Particles Emission from High-Temperature Plasma Experiments (invited)

EPS Plasma Physics Conference 2013, Finland, Helsinki, 13-15.03.2013

  • J. Badziak – udział w posiedzeniu Komitetu Programowego Konferencji EPS Plasma Physics 2013

SPIE Optics and Electronics 2013 and Laser Energy Workshop, Czech Republic, Prague, 14-19.04.2013

  • J. Wołowski, et al., Results of recent experimental works performed by the IPPLM team within HiPER project (poster)
  • T. Pisarczyk, et al., Investigation of efficiency of laser radiation energy transport into the shock wave with the use of a planar target (oral)
  • J. Badziak, et al., Efficient laser-driven generation of ultra-intense ion beams for fast ignition in the LICPA accelerator (oral)

11-th Direct Drive and Fast Ignition Workshop, Italy, Rome, 05-09.05.2013

  • P. Rączka, et al., Cavity-enhanced laser-driven acceleration of intense ion beams for ion fast ignition (oral)

7th IAEA Technical Meeting on Steady State Operation of Magnetic Fusion devices, France, Aix en Provance, 13-17.05.2013

  • I. Ivanova-Stanik, et al., COREDIV modelling of WEST plasma scenarios (poster)

XXXII-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2013, 26.05-02.06.2013, Poland, Wilga

  • K. Jakubowska, et al., FPGA based charge fast histogramming for GEM detector (oral)
  • K. Jakubowska, et al., Embedded controller for GEM detector readout system (oral)

20th Topical Conference on radio Frequency Power in Plasmas 2013, Italy, Sorento, 24-29.06.2013

  • A. Czarnecka, et al., Spectroscopic investigation of heavy impurity behaviour during ICRH with the JET ITER-like wall (poster)

Towards Technical Design Reports (TDR) of experiments with intense laser beams at ELI-NP, Romania, Bucharest, 26-29.06.2013

  • P. Rączka, Advanced target designs optimizing laser driven ion beam parameters for photonuclear and high field experiments (oral)

3rd Conference on Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors, Spain, Zaragoza, 30.06-07.07.2013

  • M. Chernyshova, et al., Development of GEM gas detectors for X-ray crystal spectrometry (poster)
  • T. Czarski, et al., Development of GEM gas detectors for X-ray crystal spectrometry (poster)

40th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics and EPS Satellite Conference on Plasma Diagnostics 2013, Finland, Espoo, 30.06 – 07.07.2013

  • T. Czarski, et al., Fundamental data processing for GEM detector measurement system applied for X-ray diagnostics of fusion plasmas (poster)
  • K. Jakubowska, et al., Soft-X-ray measurements in WEST using GEM detectors (poster)
  • T. Pisarczyk, et al., Investigation of energy transfer from PALS iodine laser beam to shock wave generated in solid target relevant to shock ignition (poster)
  • P. Rączka, et al., The influence of performed plasma on a laser-driven shock produced in a planar target at the conditions relevant to Shock Ignition (poster)
  • I. Ivanova-Stanik, et al., Modelling of JET hybrid scenarios with the European Transport Solver (poster)

54th Course “Atoms and Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser fields”, Italy, Erice, 20-31.07.2013

  • J. Domański, et al., Effects of light polarization and target composition on parameters of ion beams produced at the interactions of an ultra-intense laser pulse with two-species targets (poster)

PLASMA-2013 Research and Applications of Plasmas, Poland, Warsaw, 02-06.09.2013

  • M. Kubkowska, et al., Investigation of interactions of intense plasma streams with tungsten and CFC targets in the PF-1000 facility (oral)
  • P. Gąsior, et al., Study of correlation of deuterium contents in a-C:D dust induced by laser irradiation from co-deposited surface with the grain size and velocity (oral)
  • P. Gąsior, et al., Comparison of high and low-power density regimes of operation of laser-based methods for fuel removal and cleaning of plasma facing components (poster)
  • S. Jabłoński, et al., Two-dimensional relativistic particle-in-cell code for simulation of laser-driven ion acceleration in various acceleration schemes (poster)
  • Z. Kalinowska, et al., The interferometric studies of the pre-plasma influence on the laser energy transfer to the shock wave with the use two-layers planar targets (poster)
  • K. Jakubowska, et al., A spectroscopic study of laser ablation plasma from Mo target (poster)
  • J. Domański, et al., Acceleration of ions to GeV energies at the interactions of an ultra-intense  laser pulse with two-species target (poster)
  • L. Ryć, et al., Measurement of ion emission from plasmas obtained with a 600-fs, 60-mJ KrF laser (poster)
  • E. Kowalska-Strzęciwilk, et al., Principal Component Analysis of soft X-ray signals generated by the PF 1000 facility in experiments with solid targets (poster)
  • A. Czarnecka, et al., Analysis of soft X-ray signals generated by the PF 1000 facility in experiments with solid targets (poster)
  • J. Kurzyna, et al., Plasma inside a small hall thruster for satellites (poster)
  • T. Chodukowski, et al., Interactions of plastic plasma with different atomic number plasmas (poster)

International Workshop on Dense Magnetized Plasmas (ICDMP-2013), Warsaw, Poland, 6-7.09.2013

  • M. Sadowski, et al., Overview of Experimental Studies at DPF-1000 Performed by the NCBJ Team in 2013 (invited)

Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications 2013, Japan, Nara, 06-15.09.2013

  • T. Chodukowski, et al., Interactions of plastic plasma with different atomic number plasmas (poster)
  • M. Rosiński, et al., The effect of laser wavelength on a laser-driven shock produced in a planar target at the conditions relevant to Shock Ignition (poster)

International Conference on Fusion reactor Diagnostics, Italy, Varenna, 8-14.09.2013

  • B. Bieńkowska et al., Neutron counter based on beryllium activation (poster)

International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology, Spain, Barcelona, 15-20.09.2013

  • M. Kubkowska, et al., Study of laser-removal and structural changes of W:Al:C layer with deuterium content
  • E. Kowalska-Strzęciwilk, et at., Microstructural studies and surface analysis of laser irradiated in-situ Co-TiC composites (poster)

The seventh Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Italy, Bari, 15-20.09.2013

  • P. Gąsior, et al., Application of LIBS detection of food contamination with heavy metal elements (Pb, W, Ni) (poster)

Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices, Polska, Kraków, 22-26.09.2013

  • R. Zagórski, et al., Integrated modelling of N seeding discharges for JET and ITER-like wall for H-mode and hybrid scenario (oral)
  • I. Ivanova-Stanik, et al., Integrated core-SOL simulations of ITER H-mode scenario: effect of pedestal density on fusion performance and divertor loads (poster)
  • G. Pełka, et al., TECXY code simulation of the snowflake divertor configuration in DEMO reactor (poster)
  • W. Stępniewski, et al., Limit on reduction of the power load to the target plates for DEMO reactor (poster)

Plasma Physics by laser and Applications 2013, Włochy, Lecce, 02-06.10.2013

  • J. Badziak, et al., The LICPA accelerator of dense plasma and ion beams (invited)

33rd International Electric Propulsion Conference, USA, Washington, 5-12.10.2013

  • J. Miedzik, et al., Wall-induced cross-field electron transport with oblique magnetic field lines (oral)
  • D. Daniłko, et al., Quasineutral PIC electric guiding center modelling in the presence of slow cross-field electron transport in a Hall thruster (oral)
  • S. Barral, et al., Active control and excitation of breathing oscillations in a Hall thruster with a fast digital signal processor (oral)
  • J. Kurzyna, et al., Development status of an open capillary pulsed plasma thruster with non-volatile liquid propellant (oral)

8th Workshop on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis, Belgium, Ghent, 4-6.11.2013

  • A. Czarnecka, et al., W-Control in JET and AUG (oral)

International Conference on Plasma Science and Applications, Singapore, 01-08.12.2013

  • V. Gribkov, Fields of researches and applications domains for compact and large DPF devices (radiation materials science, dynamic quality control, radiation biology, etc.): current assets, problems and essentials (oral)
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