09-12.03.2011, ELI -NP. The Way Ahead, Bucharest, Romania,

  • P. Rączka: ,,Production of collimated neutron pulses and positrons in laser-matter interactions" (oral);

08-13.05.2011, 13th International Workshop on Plasma Facing Components, Rosenheim, Germany,

  • M. Kubkowska, P. Gąsior , J. Wolowski, M. Kubkowska, E. Skladnik-Sadowska, M.J. Sadowski, K. Czaus, J. Zebrowski, M. Ladygina, I.E. Garkusha: "Spectroscopic study of plasma produced from CFC targets irradiated by pulsed plasma streams” (poster);
  • P. Gąsior, M. Kubkowska, J. Wołowski: ”Dependence of power density and energy fluence on ablation rates and LIBS observation thresholds for laser-irradiated ITER relevant material” (poster);

25.05-1.06.2011, COST Action MP0601, Dublin, Ireland,

  • M. Chernyshova: “Short Wavelength Laboratory Sources Development and application of triple-GEM detector for X-ray detection” (poster);

04-10.06.2011, 8th International Conference on "Dense Z Pinches", Biaritz, France ,

  • M. Scholz, L. Karpiński: “Megajul Plasma-Focus Experiment” (poster);

12-18.06.2011, Participation In the TechConnect Word Conference and Expo 2011, Boston, USA,

  • V. Gribkow, E.V. Demina, A.V. Dubrovsky, V.N. Pimenov, S.V. Maslyaev, M. Chernyshova, L. Karpinski , R. Miklaszewski, M. Scholz, C. Tuniz, A. Tartari: “Nanostructure surface layers produced by nanosecond pulsed irradiation of plasma facing materials of fusion reactors and their influence on hydrogen isotope retention by them” (poster);

14-18.06.2011, 10th Kudowa Summer School, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland

  • M.J. Sadowski, M. Scholz: “Important issues of high-current plasma experiments of the Z-pinch type” (lecture);
  • J. Cikhardt, D. Klír, J. Kravárik, P.Kubeš, K. Řezáč, L. Karpiński, M. Paduch, E. Zielińska: “The noise reduction of the measured signal in plasma diagnostic with adaptive filtration” (oral);
  • Czarnecka, E. Lerche, J. Ongena, D. Van Eester, C. A. Figueiredo, I. H. Coffey, K.-D. Zastrow: “Impurity studies in ITER half-field ICRF heating scenarios in Hydrogen plasmas on JET” (oral);
  • K. Jakubowska, J. Rzadkiewicz, W. Dominik, M. Scholz, P. Blanchard, M. Chernyshova, T. Czarski, M.H. Czyrkowski, R. Dabrowski, L. Karpinski, G. Kasprowicz, K. Kierzkowski, I. M. Kudla, K. Pozniak, Z. Salapa, S. Tyrrell, W. Zabolotnya, K-D. Zastrow: “Development of 1D Triple GEM soft X-ray detectors for a tokamak plasma” (oral);
  • D. Daniłko, J. Kurzyna: “Hall Effect Thrusters: optimisation of magnetic field topology” (oral);
  • J. Miedzik, S. Barral, Z. Peradzyński: “PIC electron GC modeling for Hall thruster simulations” (oral);
  • J. Badziak: “Laser-driven generation of intense ion beams for fusion-related applications” (wykład)

26.06-02.07.2011, "38th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics", Strasburg, France,

  • K. Jakubowska, J. Rzadkiewicz, W. Dominik, M. Scholz, K-D. Zastrow, M. Chernyshova, T. Czarski, L. Karpińaski: “Development of a ID Triple GEM X-ray detector for a high-resolution X-ray diagnostics at JET” (poster);
  • A. Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, S.Yu. Gus'kov, N.N. Demchenko, J. Ullschmied, E. Krousky, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Skala, P. Pisarczyk, „Influence of plastic plasma on process of aluminium plasma jet formation” (poster)
  • J. Badziak, S. Jabłoński, P. Rączka, "Efficient generation of high-energy quasi-monoenergetic ion beams using laser-induced cavity pressure acceleration" (poster)
  • J. Badziak, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, S. Borodziuk, S. Jabłoński, Z. Kalinowska, A. Kasperczuk, P. Parys, P. Rączka, M. Rosiński, J. Wołowski, E. Krousky, M. Pfeifer, J. Skala, J. Ullschmied, R. Liska, M. Kucharik, K. Tomaszewski, P. Pisarczyk, Yong-Joo Rhee, "Laser-induced cavity pressure acceleration – a novel highly efficient scheme of acceleration of dense matter” (poster);
  • A. Czarnecka, M. Kubkowska, W. Figacz, S. Jabłoński , J. Kaczmarczyk, J. Wołowski, C. Biedermann, R. Burhenn, R. König, A. Weller, ”Concept of pulse height analysis system (PHA) for Wndelstein 7-X, " (oral);

14-24.07.2011, International School of Quantum Electronics; 49th Course, Atom and Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser Fields, Erice, Italy,

  • M. Rosinski, L. Giuffrida, P. Parys, J. Wolowski, L. Torrisi, L. Ando, "Repetitive rate laser ion source with electrostatic acceleration for ion implantation technology" (poster);
  • Z. Kalinowska, A. Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, S.Yu. Gus’kov, N.N. Demchenko, J. Ullshmied, E. Krousky, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Skala, P. Pisarczyk: "Investigations of mechanisms of laser radiation absorption at PALS” (poster);

04-09.09.2011, XLI Meeting of Polish Physicists, Lublin, Poland,

  • J. Badziak: „Inercyjna fuzja termojądrowa: wyzwania i perspektywy” (lecture),
  • A. Gałkowski: „EURATOM-FUSION program conducted in Poland” (oral)
  • J. Wołowski and OPWL Team: „Research and applications of ions generated by laser pulses” (oral);

11-16.09.2011, 6th Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Izmir, Turkey,

  • P. Gąsior, M. Kubkowska, A. Blagoev, W.Skrzeczanowski: ”Temporal evolution of tungsten spectra for applications in wall diagnostics in thermonuclear reactors”, 6th Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (poster);

11.09 - 17.09.2011, IFSA 2011 - Inertial Fusion Sciences and Application, Bordeaux, France,

  • T. Pisarczyk, A.Kasperczuk, T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, S.Yu. Guskov, N.N. Demchenko, J. Ullschmied, E. Krousky, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Skala, and P. Pisarczyk, „Al plasma jet formation in result of compression of Al plasma stream by surrounding the light plastic plasma” (poster);
  • A. Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, J. Badziak, S. Borodziuk, T. Chodukowski, S.Yu. Gus’kov, N. N. Demchenko, D. Klir, J. Kravarik, P. Kubes, K. Rezac, J. Ullschmied, E. Krousky, K. Masek, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Skala, P. Pisarczyk, „Interactions of plastic and copper plasmas in an axially symmetrical geometry” (poster);
  • S. Borodziuk, J. Badziak, T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, A. Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, J. Ullschmied, E. Krousky, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Skala and P. Pisarczyk „Forward and backward cavity pressure acceleration of macroparticles” (poster);

11.09 – 17.09.2011, ICIS 2011 - ICIS 14th International Conference on Ion Sources, Giardini-Naxos, Italy,

  • M. Rosinski, L. Giuffrida, P. Parys, P. Gąsior, E. Fazio, A.M. Mezzasalma, L. Torrisi, L. Ando, J. Wolowski: “Laser produced streams of Ge ions accelerated and optimized in the electric fields for implantation into SiO2 substrates” (poster);
  • J. Badziak, S. Jabłoński, P. Rączka: "Efficient production of high-energy carbon ions in the LICPA accelerator" (poster);
  • S. Jabłoński and J. Badziak: "Generation of solid-density ultraintense ion beams by a picosecond laser pulse of circular polarization” (poster);

11-14.09.2011, “NUTECH -2011 International Conference on development and Applications of Nuclear Technologies”, Krakow, Poland,

  • S. Jednoróg, A. Szydłowski, M. Scholz, M. Paduch , B. Bieńkowska: “Preliminary measurements of angular distributions of neutrons emitted from PF-1000 facility by indium samples“ (oral);

11-15.09.2011, 32nd International Electric Propulsion Conference, Wiesbaden, Germany,

  • J. Miedzik, S. Barral, S. Zurbach: “Study of Plasma Confinement by Magnetic Fields in Hall Thrusters using Quasi-Neutral PIC Modeling” (oral);
  • S. Barral, S. Zurbach, M. Dudeck: “Experimental Investigation of a Layered Graphite/BN Channel for Hall” (oral);
  • S. Barral, J. Kaczmarczyk, J. Kurzyna, M. Dudeck: ”Active Control of Hall Thruster Discharge” (oral);
  • D. Daniłko, J. Kurzyna: “IPPLM Hall Effect Thruster – design guidelines and preliminary tests Hall” (poster);

12-16.09.2011, PLASMA-2011 International Conference on Research and Applications of Plasmas, Warszawa, Poland,

  • M. Kubkowska, P. Gasior, A. Czarnecka, M. Rosinski, J. Wolowski, “Overview of the application of laser-based techniques in plasma-wall interaction research program at IPPLM” (oral);
  • M..Scholz, „Progress on MJ Plasma Focus research at IPPLM” (lecture);
  • R. Miklaszewski, "Similarity laws for Plasma-Focus based on MHD model" (oral);
  • K. Jakubowska, W. Skrzeczanowski, M. Paduch and M. Scholz, "Principal Component Analysis of the data acquired at the Plasma-Focus-1000 device" (poster);
  • T. Chodukowski, T. Pisarczyk, M. Paduch, E. Zielińska, M. Scholz, P. Kubes, K. Rezac, D. Klir, “Study of correlation between electron density distributions and neutron emission during characteristic phases of discharges in PF-1000 device” (oral);
  • J. Badziak: “Laser-induced cavity pressure acceleration of dense plasma” (lecture);
  • P. Rączka: “Fast ignition with different types of ignition beams” (poster);
  • V.A. Gribkov, Pimenov, V. Roschupkin, S. Maslyaev, E. Demina, M. Lyakhovitsky, A. Dubrovsky, I. Sasinovskaya, M. Chernyshova, M. Scholz, M. Crespo, A. Chicutin, C. Tuniz: “Irradiation of austenitic steel 10Cr12Mn14Ni4AlMo and titanium alloy Ti-Al-V by pulsed streams of fast nitrogen ions and plasma in Dense Plasma Focus” (oral);
  • A.Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, Z. Kalinowska, T. Chodukowski, S.Yu. Guskov, N.N. Demchenko, J. Ullschmied, E. Krousky, M. Pfeife, K. Rohlena, J. Skala, and P. Pisarczyk, “Investigations of mechanisms of laser radiation absorption at PALS” (oral);

17-24.09.2011, 5th Workshop on Plasma Production by Laser Ablation, Catania, Italy,

  • M. Rosinski, P. Gasior, E. Fazio, L. Ando, L. Giuffrida, L. Torrisi, P. Parys, A.M. Mezzasalma, J. Wolowski: "Laser generated Ge ions accelerated by additional electrostatic field for implantation technology" (poster);
  • J. Wołowski, J. Badziak, J. Krasa, E. Krousky, L. Laska, A. Mezzasalma, P. Parys, M. Pfeifer, K. Rohlena, J. Ullschmied, M. Rosiński, L. Torrisi: “Studies of fast ion streams produced by high power laser at different target irradiation conditions” (poster);

1-8.10.2011, ITR-IAEA-ICTP International Workshop on Plasma Physics, Triest, Italy,

  • V.A. Gribkov, M. Chernyshova: “Fusion Materials Research at Bora Facility” (oral),

3-5.10.2011, ALS user meeting, Berkeley, California, USA,

  • I.N. Demchenko, M. Chernyshova, E. Piskorska-Hommel, R. Minikayev, J.Z. Domagala, T.Yamaguchi, W.C. Stolte, and K. Lawniczak-Jablonska: "XAS/RIXS investigation of indium rich InxGa1―xN films";

04- 07.10.2011, 2nd ELI-Beamlines Scientific Challenges Meeting, Praga, Czech Republic,

  • J. Badziak, S. Jabłoński, P. Rączka, "Enhanced laser-driven ion acceleration via cavity-amplified radiation pressure" (lecture);

09-14.10.2011, 3rd International Conference on Ultraintense Laser Interaction Science (ULIS 2011), Lisbon, Portugal,

  • P. Rączka, J. Badziak, S. Jabłoński, P. Rączka: "Efficient generation of high-energy ion bunches via cavity-enhanced radiation pressure" (lecture);

17-20.10.2011, Nanosmat, Kraków, Poland

  • P. Gąsior, A. Czarnecka, M. Kubkowska, M. Rosiński, J. Wolowski: “Investigation of laser ablation of Al:W:C:H/D and C:H/D layers and laser produced dust with the use of LIBS and fast CCD cameras” (lecture);

5-12.11.2011, Participation in the 2nd International Workshop on Fast Neutron Detectors and Applications, Ein Gedi, Israel,

  • V.A. Gribkov, R.A. Miklaszewski, M. Chernyshova, M. Scholz, R. Prokopowicz, K. Tomaszewski, K. Drozdowicz, U. Wiącek, B. Gabańska, D. Dworak, K. Pytel, A. Zawadka, C. Tuniz: “A single-shot nanosecond neutron pulsed technique for a disclosure of hidden explosives and fissile materials” (oral);
  • V.A. Gribkov et al., “Geant4 simulation of Dense Plasma Focus source of Short Neutron Pulses for BNCT applications” (oral);
  • V.Gribkov et al., “Detection of explosives and other illicit materials by a single nanosecond neutron pulse – Monte Carlo simulations of the detection process” (oral)
  • R. Miklaszewski, U. Wiacek, K. Drozdowicz, D. Dworak, V. Gribkov “Detection of explosives and other illicit materials by a single nanosecond neutron pulse – Monte Carlo simulations of the detection process” (oral);

09-11.11.2011, Meeting of IFE_KiT WG, Brussels, Belgium,

  • P. Rączka; J. Badziak, S. Borodziuk, T. Chodukowski, S. Jabłoński, Z. Kalinowska, A. Kasperczuk, P. Parys, P. Rączka, M. Rosiński, J. Wołowski: „Report on works performed by IPPLM within the Inertial Fusion Energy - Keep-in-Touch Activity in 2011” (oral);

14-17.11.2011, Kick-off meeting projektu FP7 "L-µPPT", Logrono, Spain,

  • J. Kurzyna: “IPPLM General Presentation” (oral);
  • S. Barral: „ Brainstorming Session Technical Presentation” (oral)

28-29.11.2011, 2nd International Conference Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies, Frascati, Italy,

  • J. Rzadkiewicz: “ Design of T-GEM detectors for X-ray diagnostics on JET” (poster);

06-10.12.2011, Workshop: Physics with PETAL, Bordeaux, France,

  • P. Rączka: "HEDP and FI-related experiments at PETAL using Laser-Induced Cavity Pressure Acceleration" (oral).


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Research projects carried out at the IPPLM are funded by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, the National Science Centre and by the European Commission within the framework of EUROfusion Consortium under grant agreement No 633053. Financial support comes also from the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Space Agency and LaserLab Consortium as well as from the Fusion for Energy Agency.

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