1. 24th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interaction in Fusion Devices (PSI-24), 25-29.01, Jeju, South Korea
  • M. Chernyshova, D. Mazon, T. Czarski, K. Malinowski, A. Wojeński, P. Malard, E. Kowalska-Strzęciwilk, K. T. Poźniak, G. Kasprowicz, W. Zabołotny, R. D. Krawczyk, P. Kolasiński, M. Gąska, P. Linczuk: „First exploitation results of recently developed SXR GEM-based diagnostics at the WEST project” (poster)
  • P. Chmielewski, R. Zagórski, G. Telesca, A. Huber, I. Ivanova-Stanik, E. Kowalska-Strzęciwilk, P. Tamain, N. Vianello: „TECXY simulations of Ne seeding in JET-DT scenarios” (poster)
  1. Space Propulsion 2020, 17-19.03, Estoril, Portugalia
  • A. Jardin (prezentacja wyników dot. pracy doktorskiej)
  1. 28th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2020), 10-15.05, Wiedeń, Austria
  • M. Jabłczyńska (bez referatu)
  1. European Conference on Plasma Diagnostics (ECPD 2021), 7-11.06, Salamanca, Hiszpania
  • K. Malinowski, M. Chernyshova, S. Jabłoński, I. Casiraghi: „Optimization of GEM-based detector readout electrode structure for SXR imaging of tokamak plasma” (poster)
  • M. Kubkowska, M. Gruca, S. Jabłoński, L. Ryć, U. Neuner: „Intensity calibration and reduction of pile-up effect in PHA spectra measurements at W7-X” (oral)
  1. International Conference on Diagnostics for Fusion Reactors, 6-9.09, Varenna, Włochy
  • M. Chernyshova, K. Malinowski, S. Jabłoński, T. Fornal, K. Mikszuta-Michalik, T. Czarski, K. Tomaszewski: „On preliminary considerations towards development of radiated power and SXR diagnostics for DEMO” (oral)
  1. The 18th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices (PET21), 13-15.09, Lozanna, Szwajcaria
  • G. Telesca, A. Chomiczewska, A. Huber, I. Ivanova-Stanik, E. Kowalska-Strzęciwilk, Ch. Perez von Thun, R. Zagórski: „Core-SOL simulations of high power JET-ILW pulses fuelled with gas and/or with pellets” (poster)
  1. 14th Carolus Magnus Summer School, 20.09-1.10, Jülich. Niemcy
  • M. Jagielski, M. Jabłczyńska (bez referatu)
  1. Summer School of Plasma Diagnostics PhDiaFusion 2021, 20-24.09, Niepołomice, Polska
  • A. Jardin, P. Lubiński: „Searching for intermittent behavior in the Hall effect thruster ion current waveforms” (oral)
  1. Joint ICTP-IAEA Virtual Workshop on Atomistic Modelling of Radiation Damage in Nuclear Systems, 4-8.10, Triest, Włochy
  • E. Łaszyńska: „Benchmark experiments with ITER materials irradiated in the JET tokamak - cross-chech of the neutron-induced activity results obtained by Laboratories” (poster)
  1. The third PHITS online advanced tutorial for beginners, 19-22.10, Culham, Wielka Brytania
  • M. Chernyshova, K. Malinowski (bez referatu)
  1. Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (EMSLIBS 2021), 29.11-2.12, Gijon, Hiszpania
  • P. Gąsior, W. Gromelski, M. Kastek, A. Kwaśnik: „Analysis of hydrogen isotopes retention in thermonuclear reactors with LIBS supported by machine learning” (oral)
  • W. Gromelski, P. Gąsior, A. Kwaśnik: „Analysis of temporal ion emmision with electron density and temperature in carbon plasma induced by double pulse laser” (poster)
  1. 29th European Fusion Programme Workshop (EFPW29), 30.11-2.12, Zagrzeb, Chorwacja
  • E. Łaszyńska (bez referatu)
  1. 2nd Fusion HPC Workshop, 2-3.12, Barcelona, Hiszpania
  • T. Fornal, D. Stańczak (bez referatu)
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Research projects carried out at the IPPLM are funded by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, the National Science Centre and by the European Commission within the framework of EUROfusion Consortium under grant agreement No 633053. Financial support comes also from the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Space Agency and LaserLab Consortium as well as from the Fusion for Energy Agency.

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