Department of Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Spectroscopy

The Department of Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Spectroscopy is one of the three departments that constitute the basic organizational structure of the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion. The Department primarily implements projects related to nuclear fusion with magnetic plasma confinement in the broad sense, mainly as part of the European EUROfusion consortium.

The Department consists of:
- Laboratory of Neutrons and Gamma Radiation Diagnostics – head: dr Ewa Łaszyńska,
- Laboratory of X-ray Diagnostics – head: dr Karol Malinowski,
- Laboratory of Plasma Research with Spectroscopic Methods – head: dr hab. Agata Chomiczewska,
   - Laboratory of Laser Plasma Spectroscopy – head: dr inż. Paweł Gąsior,
- Laboratory of Numerical Plasma Modelling – head: dr Piotr Chmielewski.

The Department performs works related to the development of diagnostics for fusion devices, research on the behaviour of plasma contamination on various tokamak and stellarator devices, as well as works dealing with modelling plasma phenomena. The employees of the Department actively participate in the experimental campaigns on the JET tokamak (in Great Britain), ASDEX Upgrade (in Germany), WEST (in France), TCV (in Switzerland), as well as the W7-X stellarator (in Germany) or LHD (in Japan). Moreover, the Department conducts extensive research on the PWI (Plasma Wall Interaction) in an aim to develop diagnostic techniques which will guarantee the proper operation of the new generation of tokamaks as far as durability, safety and device performance are concerned.

The research is conducted by both experienced and beginning researchers whose work and scientific achievements are recognized all over the world. Raising the qualifications of research staff is reflected by obtaining higher and higher degrees and titles. The results of the research works carried out in the Department are being continuously presented at international conferences and published in renowned scientific journals.

 Building of the Department of Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Spectroscopy 

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Research projects carried out at the IPPLM are funded by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, the National Science Centre and by the European Commission within the framework of EUROfusion Consortium under grant agreement No 633053. Financial support comes also from the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Space Agency and LaserLab Consortium as well as from the Fusion for Energy Agency.

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