• Director

       Assoc. Prof. Andrzej Gałkowski / andrzej.galkowski(at)ipplm.pl

  • Associate Director for Research

        Assoc. Prof. Roman Zagórski / roman.zagorski(at)ipplm.pl

  • Associate Director for Administration

       Paweł Nadrowski MBA / pawel.nadrowski(at)ipplm.pl

  • Scientific Advisor to the Director

       Prof. Jerzy Wołowski / jerzy.wołowski(at)ipplm.pl

  • Chief Accountant

       Ewa Sieczkowska MA / ewa.sieczkowska(at)ipplm.pl

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Research projects carried out at the IPPLM are funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Science Centre and by the European Commission within the framework of EUROfusion Consortium under grant agreement No 633053. Financial support comes also from the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Space Agency and LaserLab Consortium as well as from the Fusion for Energy Agency.