2nd EMP Working Day

20 January 2017, Warsaw, Poland

  • José-Manuel Álvarez (CLPU, Salamanca): Monitoring the EMP generated with VEGA at the Spanish Pulsed Lasers Center.
  • Alexander Andreev (MBI, Berlin): Generation of extreme currents and quasi-static fields at an interaction of relativistic intense laser pulses with nanostructure targets.
  • Fernando Arteche (ITAINNOVA, Salamanca): EMC strategies to control the noise issues in High Energy Physics Experiments (poster).
  • David Carroll (RAL, Didcot): Vulcan Petawatt EMP studies.
  • Tomasz Chodukowski (IPPLM, Warsaw): Polaro-interferometric measurements of spontaneous magnetic fields in laser-produced plasmas (poster).
  • Fabrizio Consoli (ENEA, Frascati): Two-axis electro-optic measurements of intense electromagnetic pulses in the radiofrequency-microwave regime generated by nanosecond laser-plasma interaction.
  • Riccardo De Angelis (ENEA, Frascati): Measurements of EMP fields generated by interaction of Vulcan petawatt laser with solid targets (poster).
  • Massimo De Marco (ELI-B, Dolní Břežany): Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiation by interaction of laser pulse with 2H ice ribbon.
  • Jean-Luc Dubois (CELIA, Bordeaux): On the road to PETAL: the challenge of measuring the strong laser-induced EMP.
  • Sam Giltrap (IC, London): EMP from optically levitated targets.
  • Marius Gugiu (ELI-NP, Magurele): EMP-related issues at ELI-NP.
  • Josef Krása (IP, CAS, Prague) : Characteristics of magnetic field induced by target current driven by interaction of the PALS laser with solid targets.
  • Deepak Kumar (ELI-B, Dolní Břežany): The P3 installation of ELI-Beamlines as a potential EMP research platform (poster).
  • Sophia Malko (CLPU, Salamanca): Relativistic electron beam guiding by using two consecutive laser pulses (poster).
  • David Neely (RAL, Didcot): Escaping electrons and EMP scaling at VULCAN in the 1-20 ps experimental region.
  • Kwinten Nelissen (ELI-ALPS, Szeged): Preliminary EMP estimates and facility grounding @ ELI-ALPS (poster).
  • Alexandre Poyé (ENS, Lyon): Target charging modeling - evolution of the charging current with thin targets.
  • Piotr Rączka (IPPLM, Warsaw): Characterization of the EMP generated with a high-intensity fs laser interacting with a thin foil target.
  • Timothy Robinson (IC, London): Electro-optical measurement of EMP from petawatt-regime laser-matter interactions.
  • Markus Roth (TU, Darmstadt): Charge separation and self-generated currents in short pulse laser experiments.
  • Vladimir Tikhonchuk (CELIA, Bordeaux): Quasi-stationary magnetic fields generation with capacitor-coil targets.
  • Łukasz Węgrzyński (IOE, MUT, Warsaw): Strong EMP effects observed in experiments on interaction of ultra-short laser pulses with gas puff targets.
  • Agnieszka Zaraś-Szydłowska (IPPLM, Warsaw): The High Power Laser Laboratory at IPPLM (poster).
  • Bernhard Zielbauer (PHELIX, GSI, Darmstadt): EMP experience and mitigation at PHELIX.

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Local Organizing Committee: Piotr Rączka, Marcin Rosiński, Irina Stankiewicz, Jerzy Wołowski, Agnieszka Zaraś-Szydłowska, and Jan Badziak

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